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Numbers and Pre-Algebra

Numbers and Pre-Algebra involves computation in the four basic mathematical operations viz. to add, subtract, multiply and divide using the knowledge of place values.

This topic will guide you through the operators with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages in preparation for Algebra topics.

We classify numbers as follows:

classification of numbers


We will study about representation of numbers with magnitude and direction in directed numbers. An important skill is representation of a large or very small numbers in scientific notations to communicate the power and beauty of the numbers. This notation will also give us a quick idea about the numbers.

Estimation and rounding off of a number helps us to judge how much of a quantity is available or required. This skill helps us to make a sensible decision in everyday life and in any filed of work or in your work place.

We will also learn about the history of number system, its significance and representation in our day-to-day lives. These skills are pre-requisites for computation in other branches of mathematics like measurement, data analysis and financial mathematics.


Let us look at some of the types of numbers and their operations:

Whole numbers

Special numbers

Prime and composite numbers

Multiples and factors, and so on..