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Geometry involves the study of different types of flat shapes, angles and solids. We will also study the properties of these shapes and their measurements.

Geo means shapes and metry means measurement, hence we get the word ‘Geometry’.

Geometry is seen in every shape, pattern and figures around us, like buildings, monuments, artefacts, tiles, mosaic and architecture. You will learn about special properties of shapes, orientation, symmetry, position and tessalation patterns.

We use the concept of similarity to find unknown or hard to measure dimensions of an object. We will also learn to find the unknown measurements using the properties of shapes, congruence and similarity.

In geometrical constructions, we will learn to use geometrical instruments to create designs, logos and patterns in the fields of fashion, architecture, and other visual designs.

There is also an important formula “Euler’s formula” to find the relationship between faces, edges and vertices of (solid) polygons.


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