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Algebra is a branch of mathematics where we study the representation of abstract concepts in letter or symbol form, and these forms are called pronumerals.

It involves grouping and collecting like pro numerals to do the four basic operations in mathematics, viz. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We can solve equations, inequations, and quadratic polynomials through different methods – computation method and graphical methods.

It also involves looking at patterns and relationships between different variables; analysing the patterns to find a rule which these variables follow.

Now, what does Algebra mean?

Algebra is a representation and simplification of algebraic expressions, index notations, and their linear relationships. Knowledge of algebra will enable you to make complex calculations in the field of science and commerce.

Algebra has wide applications in diverse fields such as engineering, medical science, computer programming. Knowledge of problem solving using matrices, logarithms, functions and graphical representation of physical phenomena are all important and useful in these fields.